Sheetal Kapoor

British Asian Actress


Sheetal Kapoor is a British Asian actress born in London and trained at Drama Studio London on their 1 year postgraduate Acting course. She has a base in London and Birmingham.

Sheetal's main focus has been theatre, appearing in many productions in the UK and overseas. Her forte is physical theatre and comedic roles. Her most recent work includes: Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream (Bermuda Festival), The Pupil (co-lead) in Matthew Parker's 5 Star production, The Lesson (The Hope Theatre) and Gauhar Jaan (lead) in Gauhar Jaan: The Datia Incident (Omnibus Theatre).

She also enjoys film and voiceover work - Rukhsati a short film where Sheetal played the co-lead won the Film's Short People's Choice award and made the official selection for the Bend film festival. She also played various roles in BBC Radio's Midnight's Children. Sheetal does a lot of corporate videos and live training, where her Business Computing & IT degree and IT consultancy work experience has proved to be useful. Sheetal is now looking to expand on her tv and film experience.

Sheetal also enjoys singing and dancing. She was the choreographer for A Midsummer Night's Dream, where director, Helen Tennison wanted a Bollywood dance sequence to be led by Sheetal and to involve the entire cast. Sheetal enjoys travelling, new experiences and going to the gym. She is also an exceptional fine artist working in different mediums from acrylic paints, chalk and even sketches on her tablet. Her guilty pleasure is consuming a packet of chocolate biscuits with tea.

"Sheetal Kapoor as Puck captivated us with subtle, sly, ironic humour backed with huge, almost preternatural physical energy" - A Midsummer Night's Dream - Royale Gazette


"The show is a little stolen by the young, eager, doomed Pupil - Sheetal Kapoor, whose mobile face and quivering physical presence were absolutely exceptional, fascinating performances" - The LessonTheatre Box


"Kapoor is wonderfully exuberant, brimming with childlike innocence and a thirst for learning, complemented with a pinafore and braid. the shocking end, which she then makes disturbingly realistic, is a real testament to her versatility" - The Lesson - View from the Gods

Sheetal Kapoor Headshot by Alex Dobb Photography