The Lesson at The Hope Theatre

Sheetal will be starring as The Pupil in Mathew Parker's production of The Lesson, showing at The Hope Theatre from 25th September till 13th October. Also starring Roger Alborough as The Professor and Joan Potter as The Maid.

When an enthusiastic young student arrives at The Professor’s house for her lesson, she is wide-eyed and ready to learn. But no amount of studying can prepare her for the odyssey that lies ahead. This unflinching and dreamlike comedy-drama bursts on to The Hope Theatre stage this autumn under the direction of its award-winning Artistic Director, Matthew Parker.

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September 2018

Production shots

Take a look at the stunning production shots from A Midsummer Night's Dream 2018.

July 2018

Back to Dubrovnik!

Sheetal will be joining Honey Tongued Productions once again in June, playing the role of Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream at the beautiful Fort Lovrijenac, Dubrovnik. This year's production will be revamped with a new fairy concept.

May 2018

★★★★ Reviews for Gauhar Jaan!

"Kapoor bolsters the productions charm, her meticulous poise and nimble command over the script working in harmony to establish a beguiling force of sexuality and wit. Her portrayal does well in demonstrating the use of weaponised feminity to isarm her male rivals" - Miro Magazine

"Sheetal Kapoor gives a powerful performance as Gauhar Jaan, exuding her indomitable self-importance with assertive control" - The Spy In The Stalls

"An original, funny and exciting debut play about India's pre-bollywood queen of entertainment...An outstanding Sheetal Kapoor...revels in her great one-liners" - Everything Theatre

"A recommended enjoyable and charming play...Sheetal Kapoor portrayed the arrogance of her character superbly" - London Theatre Reviews

"Sheetal Kapoor, who essayed the role of Gauhar Jaan, oozed confidence and zest on stage, who portrayed both grace and arrogance at ease" - Asian Voice

"Sheetal Kapoor as Gauhar Jaan makes an impressive entry: glittering jewels, haughty stance delivery a volley of verbal barbs that are too quick-witted" - Pulse Connects

"The performers, particularly the protagonist Gauhar Jaan, seem like they were born into the role allowing you to really understand the characters" - Reclaim the week

"...the cast members giving stellar performances that really bring the story to life" - EMI Archive Trust

May 2018

Catch Sheetal on London Live!

Sheetal will be joining Director, Mukul Ahmed and Exhibition Curator/Producer Anjeli Placzek on 2nd April at 6.35pm on London Live, to talk about Tarun Jasani's new play, Gauhar Jaan - The Datia Incident.

Don't miss it: FREEVIEW 8, SKY 117, VIRGIN 159, YOUVIEW 8

April 2018

Gauhar Jaan - The Datia Incident

Sheetal is currently rehearsing for a new play, showing at Omnibus Theatre, 10th - 29th April. She will be playing the lead role of Gauhar Jaan.

About the play:
The story of India’s First Recording Artist.

India, Oct 1902. Fred Gaisberg is travelling across the country capturing the exotic sounds of the East to be played on his miraculous new machine, the gramophone. He is hoping to record the beautiful voice of Gauhar Jaan, a young courtesan famed not only for her musical prowess but her arrogance.

Numerous travellers Gaisberg meets along the way recount the famous Datia Incident where the Maharaja and Gauhar Jaan ‘the Queen of the Arts’ indulged in a fierce battle of egos, the outcome of which threatens Gaisberg’s mission. Each tells the tale of what happened on that dark day in Datia.

So what exactly happened?

This is a multilingual play fused with live music and dance that celebrates the early 20th century musical revolution, and the remarkable story of a talented musician who only ever craved control over her own fate.

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March 2018

New Headshots

Taken by Alex Dobb Photography.

January 2018

Silent Sisters-Brother Unhinged

Sheetal will be appearing in Sohaya Visions and Mukhul and Ghetto Tigers' production of Silent Sisters-Brother Unhinged.

Silent Sisters is based on real-life stories and memories of partition and migration among British Asians who were affected by the drawing of a line between India and Pakistan in 1947. The youngest interviewed was 21, the oldest 91. With poetry, song, music and movement, Silent Sisters is a fictional story in tribute to those who were affected by partition, and to those who struggle with violence and displacement across the world today which according to the UNHCR, amount to over 65 million people.

Performances at Rich Mix London and Crawley Hawth in November 2017.

October 2017

BBC Radio's Midnight's Children

Listen to BBC Radio's Midnight's Children now:

"Ambitious dramatisation of Salman Rushdie's dazzling novel of love, history and magic to mark the 70th anniversary of the Partition of India." Sheetal plays various characters in this production.

August 2017

Sheetal on the cover of Moskar Magazine

Read the full article in English here.

July 2017

Front page of the Dubrovnik Times

"With a creative set design, brilliant Bollywood choreography, superb acting and the atmospheric stone fortress as a background the performance of A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream is a hit." - Dubrovnik Times.

Read the full article here.

June 2017

Production Shots

Some great shots from the shows Dress Run. See more here.

June 2017

Rehearsals have begun

The cast of A Midsummer Night's Dream will have just under three weeks rehearsal time before the open at Fort Lovrjenac in Dubrovnik. The cast of 9 will all be playing multiple roles. The productions will also include songs composed by Ben Davis and choreography by Sheetal.

June 2017

A Midsummer Night's Dream

This June, Sheetal will be joining Honey Tongued Production's in Dubrovnik, Croatia for their version of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Sheetal will be playing Puck and will also join the creative team as the Bollywood Choreographer. The play will be performed in the beautiful Fort Lovrjenac. More about the production here.

May 2017

New Voice Reel

Check out all of Sheetal's new audio recordings here.

Here is a little taster below:

April 2017

Black Cat Theatre

Another exciting new writing night is coming to London. This time presented by Black Cat Theatre company which will debue their first show on 6th April at the Courtyard Theatre. There will be 8 short plays written for the theme 'millennials'. Sheetal will be performing as Jasmine in Stephanie Silver's hilarious satire 'Where did God go?'.

March 2017


Sheetal will be performing in a new writing night called 'Pint-Sized'. Featuring some of the best new writing talent in the UK. February features pieces mentored by Joe Penhall, April DeAngelis, Stella Feehilly, Moses Raine and Simon Stephens. Sheetal will be playing Halima in 'Orange Juice'. The show will be on for one night only at the Bunker Theatre in London Bridge on 20th February. Don't miss out!

February 2017

Photoshoot with Khurum Khan

Photographer Khurum Khan recently took some photos of Sheetal in Windsor. Click on the image below to see more images from the shoot.

January 2017

Corporate Success

Sheetal has been working on various projects with Stepts Drama Learning and Development - filming for some well known telecommunication and publishing companies.

November 2016


Look who it is! Sheetal is featured in the image below from a recent corporate shoot with Cubic.

October 2016

Briefs 14

Sheetal will be taking part in West Avenue Theatre Company's Briefs 14 on October 14th. This event showcases 10 scenes from new writers. Sheetal will be playing Hannah in Beth Crane's Seeing by Gaslight. The event will take place at Waterloo East at 7.30pm.

September 2016

Premiere of Guilty Pleasures

The screening of Sonny Michael Chohan's Guilty Pleasures (by Smooth Demon Productions) will be shown in Birmingham this July. It is a TV pilot Sheetal worked on last year, in which she played one of the main characters, a rebellious teenager named Zaara.

"A family man finds himself lost within the underworld crime scebe and does everything in his power to reach to the top. Without his family every knowing."

July 2016

5 star review for One Year Off

Check out the latest review of One Year Off form opening night, written by Catherine Sedgwick for the

"With exceptional writing, the play’s clever monologues capture beautifully the mood and psychology of a football-crazed nation with all its obsession and passion. The actors are inspired and excellent: Tassell perfectly depicts the pissed-off fan who lives for football, Gould is convincing as a positive-thinking, entrepreneurial pop psychology advocate, and Kapoor expresses with ebullient enthusiasm Sheena’s defiant sports ambitions. The most complex, athletic and eclectic role of the schizoid Ricoh Arena is earnestly and superbly enacted by Westwood."

Click here to read the full review.

June 2016

One Year Off at The Old Red Lion

Fred theatre's production of One Year Off returns, this time showing at the Old Red Lion in London this June. As the whole country prepares for the Euros, what better way to get in the mood then watching an entire play dedicated to the beautiful game.

7th - 12th June 2016, Old Red Lion, London.

Tuesday - Saturday, 9pm

Saturday matinee 4.30pm

Sunday matinee 4.30pm

May 2016

New Headshots

Photographs taken by Michael Wharley.

April 2016

Chain Reaction Theatre Company

Sheetal has been touring venues in East London performing Chain Reaction Theatre's Keepin' It Cool. The cast consists of four females all playing multiple roles throughout the show.

The tour will run from 25th February to 18th March.

March 2016

Ruksati showing on SKY Channel 845

Karakoori Productions' film, Rukhsati, will be playing on Sky Channel 845 on Thursday 11th February 21:30 and Saturday 13th February 17:30. This was Sheetal's first short film in which she played the lead actress. Winner of the FilmsShort People's Choice award and official selection at Bend film festival.

Bashir an ailing father lives with his daughter Shenaz on an isolated farm. Shenaz's wedding day approaches and Bashir decides to take her on a day trip to ease her mind. She is reluctant about the marriage and decides to tell her father.

February 2016

Review of The Tempest

Excellent review for Sheetal's role as Ariel in Get Over It Productions The Tempest.

"The most captivating performance was undoubtedly provided by Sheetal Kapoor’s Ariel, whose bewitching grace supplied food for thought as well as a feast for the eyes. The most accurate word to describe Kapoor’s portrayal would be to say ‘chimerical’ – a cosmic clash of sinister, snake-like qualities aroused through her willowy physicality in order to heighten her haunting presence, in contrast with bursts of immaturity and innocence that evokes sympathy for his underlying vulnerability. Kapoor really evokes the questions surrounding power struggles within The Tempest, for although Ariel seems the obvious puppet master that orchestrates the illusion, the simple final gesture of kissing Prospero on the cheek provides a conclusive stab of pathos in terms of wanting to achieve both praise and affection – a sensation that more can relate than they may care to admit."

Extract taken from review by Tanika Lane for OSO Arts Centre, Barnes.

Read full review here.

January 2016

All Female Shakespeare, The Tempest

Sheetal is returning to the role of Ariel with all-female troupe Get Over It Productions. They are conjuring up some rough magic with their gothic version of Shakespeare's The Tempest. The production has had previous sold out runs at the Etcetera Theatre, The Cockpit Theatre and The Bread & Roses Theatre.

On a remote island, Prospero, the rightful Duke of Milan, plots to restore his daughter Miranda to her rightful place using illusion and skillful manipulation. He conjures up a storm, The Tempest, to lure his usurping brother Antonio and the complicit King Alonso of Naples to the island. Prospero revels in the frolics and pandemonium that ensues.

"Sheetal Kapoor, in particular, gives a mischievous, subtly physical and unearthly performance as Ariel, her long elegant arms always moving and swaying, as insubstantial as air", Carmell Shortall, Camdenvoyuer's Blog

OSO Community Arts Centre, Thursday 21 & Friday 22nd January 2016, 7.30pm.

Purchase tickets here.

January 2016

One Year Off at The Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

Another chance to see Sheetal play Sheena Singh in One Year Off at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry on 5th January, 19.30.

One Year Off presents a UK deprived of its greatest passion: football.

In this surreal comic dystopia, a ban has been imposed on the ‘beautiful game’ in all its forms for 12 months. Told through the eyes of four people defined by football, this is a play about grief, desperation and delusion, and how we confront challenges to our identity.

Written by Olly Forrester and Dom Fletcher

Performed by FRED Theatre

Purchase tickets here.

December 2015

One Good Man Scratch Performance

Director Eloise Lally has teamed up with Rosa Manzi Reid from Rian Dance to produce a physical theatre piece; inspired by elements of protest.

Sheetal has been attending development workshops since September and the project is finally ready for it's first viewing.

The group are hoping to receive constructive feedback on the piece, with plans to develop it further in Spring 2016.

December 2015

Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book

Early this year Sheetal was cast in Wireless Theatre's The Jungle Book. The play was commissioned by Audible and was directed by Cherry Cookson.

Sheetal played various characters, but the most notable is Ikki the Porcupine. She also played Young Wolf 1 and spoke the Hindi for the Villagers.

The magical storytelling and unforgettable characters in Ben Doyle and Richard Kurti's audio adaptation of this children's classic have been brought to life by many well-known voices from British film, TV, radio and comedy. The cast list includes: Bill Bailey, Richard E. Grant, Colin Salmon, Tim McInnerny, Bernard Cribbins, Celia Imrie, Martin Shaw.

The audio play can be purchased on Audible's website, here.

November 2015

Romeo & Juliet at AE Harris Birmingham

Sheetal will be playing Benvolia and The Apothecary in FRED Theatre's Autumn production of Romeo & Juliet.

In a contemporary setting, FRED re-tells one of the greatest love stories for a new generation, and reveals a play of extremes. Love and violence. Tragedy and comedy. Euphoria and despair.

Robert F. Ball, FRED’s artistic director says: “The play swings from outrageous comedy to devastating tragedy and, because Shakespeare’s themes are universal, it remains relevant to every young person finding love for the first time as well as anyone who’s ever loved".

The production moves quickly, using an edited text that includes all the much loved scenes of a play that appeals to all generations, and the contemporary setting makes it accessible to all.

The play will open @AE Harris, the home of Stan's Cafe in Birmingham's vibrant Jewellery Quarter, from Wednesday 11th November till Saturday 21 November.

October 2015