Production photo of Silent Sisters-Brothers Unhinged by Sohaya Visions and Mukul and Ghetto Tigers featuring Sheetal Kapoor and Komal Amin

"Throughout the play, I felt a visceral connection with all the characters – when they were in love, my heart leaped, when they were in pain, I teared up - that’s how outstanding their performances were." - Meera Pattni

​"Superb script, excellent direction and stellar cast and crew who each give consummate confident performances...beautiful atmospheric singing and poetry." - Rez Kabir, Tamarind Theatre Company

​"Fan-bloody-tastic…I was blown away by it." - Jane Buckley, Crawley Campaign Against Racism

​"A wonderful piece of work, around a very sensitive area, beautifully presented." - Former Mayor Raj Sharma, Crawley

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