"Where else are you going to see an all-singing, all-dancing Zoltar machine of a Sunday afternoon? (played, amongst other characters, by the fanatically versatile Sheetal Kapoor)"
"It's very easy for us, with all our reverence for Shakespeare, to forget that sometimes his plays are fun, silly and anarchic and Parker really hits the nail on the head here"
Blazington Blaze

“Kapoor’s eccentric ‘Pinch’ is a bizarre moment that is worth looking out for!”
"This is a wonderful production fit for the whole family. Set in a beautiful historic open-air theatre, with a brilliant cast and a Shakespearean comedy, what’s not to love?"
Pocket Size Theatre

"Matthew Parker brings a cheery, end-of-the-pier quality to his staging of this knockabout saga of misplaced relatives, mistaken identity and muddled fortunes"
Financial Times

"The hardworking cast play with the gusto of old-time barnstormers in an end-of-the-pier panto under the deliciously deranged direction of Matthew Parker who throws in inflatable hammers, a Punch and Judy booth and a hall of mirrors"
Daily Express

"There is much to enjoy amid the helter-skelter antics"
Daily Mirror

"Back to back pop hits… A lively musical twist on Shakespeare’s comedy"
The Stage

"Directed by, and featuring, Matthew Parker, the 2-hour Shakespearean romp encourages the full family engagement with sing-along, slapstick and (if you’re lucky) a sunset to accompany"
London Theatre Reviews